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    Featured Official – Pinky Ry

    One of the most important jobs and the least acknowledged is that of a NSO (Non-Skating Official). They are the ones in the pink shirts sitting behind the computer, writing on the white board, standing in the middle of the track waving their arms back and forth, whistling the start and end of a…

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    Featured Skater – Loud N Clear

    Our March Featured Skater is non-other than Loud N Clear. She has skills you can’t even imagine. It would surprise you to know that Loud N Clear is the oldest of our members. She is as spry as a 21-year-old and will still teach you a lesson or 2. Congratulations, you have earned it!…

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    Yard Sale Fundraiser

      The Niagara Roller Girls invites you to join the fun on September 25th with a Yard Sale! Come on down to check out all the goods and treasures you may find! Have anything laying around the house you don’t want or need to get rid of? We’re also excepting Donated Items!!!! Just arrange…

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