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    Family Skate with Niagara Roller Derby/ParticipACTION

    Did you know that everything gets better when you get active?Even communities! Bring the family out for totally rad, Skate-A-Thon / Public Skate on June 15th from 1-3pm. This is a fundraiser in conjunction with ParticipACTION for the Community Better challenge! The Community Better Challenge is an annual event that aims to get neighbourhoods…

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    Niagara Roller Derby Presents: A Rumble Royale – Double-header

    The ghost of Queen Victoria likes to party, and what better way to celebrate her birthday with a battle royale? Join the Garden City Rollers as they take on Bruce County Roller Derbys Highland Dames! Our very own juniors team, the Midway Mayhem will be opening up the night with a game against the…

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    Garden City Roller Derby gets its jam on this Saturday night with double header            The Niagara Falls Review Apr 03, 2019 by Kate Gallant

    Garden City Rollers of Niagara Roller Derby are ready to roll at the Haig Bowl Arena in St. Catharines. From left to right: Dani Nusca (Smurf-a-licious); Tara Dzalto (Hot Laps Houlahan); Lauren Dubenofsky (Rollin’ Dubes); Natasha Turnbull (Nat Outta Hell); Kim Grodesky (Kimikazzi); Kerina Labonte (Knock a Mama); Ashley Johnson (Kingston) and Racheal Outram…

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    Learn To Skate In 10 Weeks!

    N Hey you! Yeah, you! We want YOU to come out and skate with us! SKATERS WANTED: NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! WE WILL TEACH YOU! Have you always wanted to join roller derby, or wanted to learn how to roller skate? Don’t want to play derby, but still want to skate? We have a referee…

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    Double Header April 6th/2019

    Come out and watch our new team, the Garden City Rollers take on the Hamilton City Hassle!! We’ll be getting the evening warmed up with a JR Bout between the Hammer City Jrs and our very own Midway Mayhem! When: Saturday, April 6th, 2019Doors open at 5:30pmFirst Whistle blows at 6:00pm! Cost at the…

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    NRG Open Scrimmage

    CALLING ALL DERBY PLAYERS! COME ROLL WITH US! -OPEN SCRIMMAGE- $10 TO PLAY BRING BLACK AND WHITE SHIRTS BE THERE OR BE SQUARE 🤓🖤👊🏻 Sign up form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScaGI1ro52R31C8aVMkyrI6HN9wIoRaafjfEcb91_WIri9h_g/viewform

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    The Pack is Back-Big Brother/Sister Adult/Jr. mixed Scrimmage

    The Niagara Roller Girls are extremely excited and proud to announce our first bout of the season for the benefit of Big Brothers Big Sisters St.Catharines – Thorold & District! This very special game will feature a mixed-team black and white game…but what makes it even more special is the fact that our very…

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    Midway Mayhem VS. The Queen City Junior Roller Girls

    Niagara Roller Girls present our first bout of the new year, ITS SNOWTIME⛄️❄️❄️❄️Niagara Roller Girls present our first bout of the new year, ITS SNOWTIME⛄️❄️❄️❄️ Our single header stars our very own Midway Mayhem vs. The Queen City Junior Roller Girls. Where:Haig bowl arena Time:Doors open at 5:30Whistle blows at 6:00pm Admission is $10…

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