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Featured Skater: Clarice the SilenceHer

#17 - Maids of the Fist


Derby Name: Clarice the SilenceHer
Number: 17
Team: Maids of the Fist

Where do you work?
I do administrative work at a logistics company called DBR Transport and I am a “Super Mom”.

How does your job affect your derby career?
My day job doesn’t seem to affect my derby career but my “Super Mom” job does. It’s hard to try to balance everyone’s schedule and my own.

What is your derby name? What’s the story behind it?
My derby name is Clarice the SilenceHer. I wanted a name that incorporated my name and who isn’t creeped out by the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’?

Why roller derby?
I had moved to Grimsby about 3 years ago and knew that I wanted to join a group/sport of some sort, but something different, not my usual soccer. Saw the poster for intake at my daughter’s hockey game and thought “Yes! That’s it!” I knew right away that I wanted to join and found what I was looking for.

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t involved with derby?
I’m not sure, depressed, probably still trying to find something to fill the void.

What’s your favorite part of the derby experience?
The empowerment and the confidence that I feel every time I lace up my skates. It is such an undescribably feeling for me. The fact that that 80+ women with different visions, opinions, passions, likes and dislikes can come together and create such a great thing.

What position do you play?
Usually a Pivot. I am very vocal on the track.

How do you hone your Derby Skills?
Definitely attending as many practices as I can make and having fun with it and not getting down on myself if I can’t do something the first, second, third time but just trying my hardest every time. Eventually I’ll get it.

What’s your favorite pre-practice meal or snack?
I don’t like to eat too much before a game or a practice. I generally just have a banana or an apple to fill any hunger gap and maybe a Red Bull depending on how I feel.

Who is your Biggest Fan(s)?
Definitely my family. Mike, my husband and Kirsten and Brandon, my kids. I definitely couldn’t be as involved as I am without their support. Also my mom, she always tells everyone about how I play a ‘bumping’ sport, lol!

Who is your Hero?
My hero has always been my dad. Ever since I was a kid I have always wanted to be just like him. I am definitely a ‘daddy’s girl’. Love you so much dad! xoxo

What is your favorite thing about roller derby?
Definitely the dynamics of the sport itself and the rush of game.

Most Memorable Derby Moment?
Probably being chosen for skater of the month. I feel so honored to be chosen for this. Thank you ladies very much for choosing me, I am truly speechless. xoxo

Pre-Bout Rituals?
Haha! Ummm…shave my legs and pits! Lol! Change my bearings, check my skates, other than that not much…there is always so much to do on game day that I don’t really have time to plan for myself.

What’s your Athletic Background?
I’ve played soccer since I was about 8, so for 28 years…you can do the math…haha! I also was on the swim team all through high school.

Advice to Someone Interested in Playing?
YES!!! Just do it!! Even if you don’t know how to skate!! Majority of the ladies that joined when I did were not comfortable on skates but we are all so skilled now!! Don’t be scared or feel intimidated cause we were all where you are now and everyone in the league is so supportive. It will truly change your life forever!!

Who do you want to give a SHOUT-OUT to?
My family, I couldn’t do what I do without you. Definitely my Maids!! I love all of you ladies and thank you for being you!

I like lattes, tea, singing in my car, dogs, and watching scary movies with Mike.

I dislike lattes that are made wrong, cold teas, broken car radios, dog pooh, and Mike falling asleep while we watch a scary movie.

Derby Wife?
Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, better known as ‘Rigga-Morris’. We meet first season and probably kept each other from going crazy every game day.







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