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Featured Skater – Viola D Rolla

#32 - Seaway Sirens


Derby Name: Viola D Rolla
Number: 32
Team: Seaway Sirens

Where do you work?
I am Occasional Teacher with the DSBN and I wait table at The Keg on the weekends.

How does your job affect your derby career?
The beginning of derby for me was also the beginning of picking up the second job waiting table so asking for evenings and weekends off for derby was stressful. It has all worked itself out now thanks to my supervisors and co workers who are awesomely supportive and understanding.

How do your outside skills/hobbies affect your derby career?
Outside of derby I am a wife and mother of a dedicated and snowboard obsessed family. We ride as a family at least once a week and I try to get out with my husband and friends as often as I can, when the snow is good. And wow wee, the snow was good this year!!!

What is your derby name? What’s the story behind it?
Viola D Rolla #32: Viola is my middle name, named after my maternal grandmother, the D Rolla just kinda had a good, ya know, roll to it. The number is after Thirty-two Snowboard Boots, the best boots I have ever had.

Why roller derby?
Why not? Just before I spotted Lock and Carla’s flyer on Facebook I was desperate for some change in my life. My teaching career was at a standstill, I was starting to get depressed about having to wait tables again and I was gaining waaaay too much weight. I needed something in my life that was for me socially and to get me physically active. 10 years of wife and mother first left me needing to fill my life with something that was for ME!

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t involved with derby?
I couldn’t even imagine my life without NRG.

What’s your favorite part of the derby experience?
The sisterhood! I have over 100 new friends that I get to play with twice a week! Bonding with my team is hugely important too. I love my Sirens! CawCaw!!

What position do you play?
Pivot most of the time. I like to block best. Since we have so many amazing jammers on the Sirens I generally don’t jam but I would like to a bit this year. (Hint Hint Mrs.)

How do you hone your Derby Skills?
Showing up counts! I really try to make as many practices as possible. I watch a lot of roller derby on line, read blogs and constantly communicate with my team about things we have seen on the track and how we want to work together to be THE Best!

What’s your favourite pre-practice meal or snack?
I am a Siren, we eat crunchy granola, usually with vanilla yogurt and red and blue berries. On game day, I need Suzageddon’s delicious vegan energy balls, best snack ever!

Who is your Biggest Fan(s)?
Darth Mali #2002, my daughter who skates for the Carousel Crushers, our junior derby team, she is like a Siren’s mascot, so cute. My family is my biggest supporter. I couldn’t do what I do for the league if it weren’t for their support with watching the kids. Also, I need to give a huge shout-out to my husband who supports me in every aspect of my life, including derby. Some weeks I am out 5 nights a week for derby practices and meetings. Love you the most, Baby!

Who is your Hero?
I probably should be giving a shout out to some of the great ones but honestly my derby hero is NRGs own, Mrs. Captain Red skates, Irish DeMEANor. She is an amazing leader and friend both on and off the track and she has some mad skills!

Most Memorable Derby Moment?
Aaah so many! Season 2 was epic! Cheerleaders(Maids) vs Nerds(Sirens) the second half was crazy the fans were so amazingly into it! But the best part was a huge pack of Destroyers and Vixxens cheering for us at turn 2! I looked up and was like Heck yeah, they are cheering for us!!!!!

Pre-Bout Rituals?
Well I am on bout committee so pre-bout rituals usually involve getting stuff done and stressing out but we always try to have a Sirens picnic or lunch of some sort in the park. Just chill with the kids and eat some crunchy granola.

What’s your Athletic Background?
As a kid I swam and did gymnastics but once puberty hit I wasn’t interested in showing off my body. Then I became a snowboarder.

Advice to Someone Interested in Playing?
DO IT! Life changing awesomeness! If you have time and some sort of void in your life, derby will fill it with love and hip checks!

Who do you want to give a SHOUT-OUT to?
Shout out to my family! I couldn’t do it without you: Big Daddy Fever, Darth Mauli, The Danimal, Nonni, Nonno, Zizi, Ujo, B Boy, De Da Doo and all the rest of you! Oh and Cawcaw!!

I like wine, bike riding, reading, binge watching television series, roller coasters and really good food (my husband is a wicked chef)

I dislike lazy people, haters, litter losers

Derby Wife?
Bee Peachy Keen but she is a bad influence on me at practice and always tells me “Don’t tell me what to do”.




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