Featured Skater – Loud N Clear

Featured Skater - Loud N Clear

Our March Featured Skater is non-other than Loud N Clear. She has skills you can’t even imagine. It would surprise you to know that Loud N Clear is the oldest of our members. She is as spry as a 21-year-old and will still teach you a lesson

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Featured Skater – TAM FOOLERY

Featured Skater - TAM FOOLERY

Congratulations to our January skater of the month, Tam Foolery. She is new to derby and has shown great dedication to the sport, on and off the track.  Congratulations Tammy! Where do you work? After losing my job due to health reasons, I started focusing on my

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Featured Skater – FREEK-A-RELLA

Featured Skater - FREEK-A-RELLA

Meet Freek, out favourite import! Freek has been skating for almost 10 years and along with her superstar ref husband, 90* Johnson, we’re lucky to have her experience and expertise on the track! You’ll always be able to tell where this hard hitter has been, because she

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Featured Skater – Rammin’ Ramona

Featured Skater - Rammin' Ramona

June’s skater of the month is an OG Dalhousie Destroyer, current Sister of Anarchy and the longest running member of our Board of Directors.  That means she does so much behind the scene work, it’d make your head spin. We love you and appreciate all the work

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Featured Skater – DC

Featured Skater - DC

March’s skater of the month is an OG Skater and former Seaway Siren, DC! Her mad skills and fun tricks never fail to impress us at practice.  Shes so hard core, she’ll hold a plank for 5 minutes while the rest of us take a water break!

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Featured Skaters: Mother/Daughter Edition! – Tan&Bomb and KickAsh

Featured Skaters: Mother/Daughter Edition! - Tan&Bomb and KickAsh

The Niagara Roller Girls are all about family! Our derby sisters, wives, husbands and kids are a huge part of our league.  To welcome in the New Year, our Skater of the Month is one of many mother/daughter skating families….KickAsh of the Midway Mayhem and Tan&Bomb of the

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Featured Skater – Taboma

Featured Skater - Taboma

Your December skater of the month is one of the most dedicated and hard working league members rolling.  Taboma has worked her butt (quite literally) off for 4 years with NRG!  This year she lead one of the most successful Freshmeat intakes in NRG history, with our

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Featured Skater – LegendBARRY

Featured Skater - LegendBARRY

May’s Skater of the Month is an all-star rookie! Bringing her hardcore discipline and CrossFit skills to the track, she is a force to be reckoned with. Niagara Roller Girls are so grateful to have this bad ass both on the track, and kicking our asses off it! We

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Featured Skater – Doris Daymolisher

Featured Skater - Doris Daymolisher

April’s Featured Skater is everyone’s favourite booty blocker, veteran Seaway Siren and the newly appointed captain on one of our brand new team The Sisters of Anarchy, AS WELL as being chosen to play on our new Travel Team … Doris Daymolisher! Doris’ commitment to awesomeness both

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