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    Featured Skater – Homewrecken Holly

    July’s skater of the month is new to NRG but definitely not new to derby. Wrecker spent the first half of her derby career wrecking hearts and jammers in The Hammer. We are getting better and better since she’s joined training and has helped elevate The Greenbelt Riot to be a team to beat!…

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    Featured Skater – Rammin’ Ramona

    June’s skater of the month is an OG Dalhousie Destroyer, current Sister of Anarchy and the longest running member of our Board of Directors.  That means she does so much behind the scene work, it’d make your head spin. We love you and appreciate all the work you do to keep us running smoothly.…

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    Featured Skater – Jenna Jammerson

    May’s skater of the month is a First Generation NRG skater and former Maid of The Fist. Her big…..(rhymes with) HITS are what she is known for on the track, but her unconditional love and support of her derby sisters (as well as making us all mouthguards!)  is why everyone adores this lady.  100% attendance and 100% effort,…

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    Featured Official – Milfhouse

    The Niagara Roller Girls couldn’t do what we do without our Officials Squad.  We have big love for the Captain of Team No Fun aka The Herd aka The Zeebs aka our HEAD REFEREE… MILFHOUSE! A major contributer to our successful game season is the hard work and dedication of our officials, both skating and…

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    2016 Freshmeat Intake

      Niagara Roller Girls is holding a spring intake for new skaters! Come see us at our schedule Meat n Greets on March 22nd AND March 29th, 6-9pm at the Haig Bowl Arena in St. Catharines. Ask questions, register to join, and meet your favourite rollergirls! We are looking for skaters 18+ to play…

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    Featured Skater – DC

    March’s skater of the month is an OG Skater and former Seaway Siren, DC! Her mad skills and fun tricks never fail to impress us at practice.  Shes so hard core, she’ll hold a plank for 5 minutes while the rest of us take a water break! Constantly pushing herself and practising fancy footwork…

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    Rollie Awards 2015

    On January 30th, the Niagara Roller Girls took the time to recognize all the lovely people within the league. Roller Derby is more than just the skaters. While we did take the time to give out awards to your fave ladies on the track we also acknowledged our Refs, NSOs,Volunteers, Photographers, and even the fans!!…

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    Featured Skater – MassonKill

    February’s Featured Skater recently won one of the most prestigious awards at the 2015 Rollies!  Massonkill earned herself the Most Improved Skater award this past month. Her hard work and desire to improve her skills over the past 2 seasons haven’t gone unnoticed.  Spearheading the amazing ParyPlanningCommittee, our party decorations are always on point thanks to this…

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    Featured Skaters: Mother/Daughter Edition! – Tan&Bomb and KickAsh

    The Niagara Roller Girls are all about family! Our derby sisters, wives, husbands and kids are a huge part of our league.  To welcome in the New Year, our Skater of the Month is one of many mother/daughter skating families….KickAsh of the Midway Mayhem and Tan&Bomb of the Sisters of Anarchy! You’ll find this wonderful…

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    Gift Wrapping for Hospice Niagara

    NRG had some volunteers wrapping gifts at the Penn Centre to raise money for Hospice Niagara. With the help of a few other groups we managed to raise $6000 during the week!

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