Featured Skater – KimiKAZZI

Featured Skater - KimiKAZZI

June’s skater of the month is a hard hitting bad ass OG Dalhousie Destroyer. KimiKAZZI has been knocking us on our asses since day one. Now she whips us into shape as a key member of the training committee. As the fearless leader of the Doomsday Darlings, KimiKAZZI is

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Featured Skater – LegendBARRY

Featured Skater - LegendBARRY

May’s Skater of the Month is an all-star rookie! Bringing her hardcore discipline and CrossFit skills to the track, she is a force to be reckoned with. Niagara Roller Girls are so grateful to have this bad ass both on the track, and kicking our asses off it! We

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Featured Skater – Doris Daymolisher

Featured Skater - Doris Daymolisher

April’s Featured Skater is everyone’s favourite booty blocker, veteran Seaway Siren and the newly appointed captain on one of our brand new team The Sisters of Anarchy, AS WELL as being chosen to play on our new Travel Team … Doris Daymolisher! Doris’ commitment to awesomeness both

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Featured Skater – Smurf-a-licious

Featured Skater - Smurf-a-licious

#H2HO – Maids of the Fist

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Featured Skater – Irish DeMEANor

Featured Skater - Irish DeMEANor

#26 – Seaway Sirens

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Featured Volunteer – Blood n Goring

Featured Volunteer - Blood n Goring

#f/2.8 – Volunteer Photographer

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Featured Skater – DEVO

Featured Skater - DEVO

Derby Name: Devo Number: 153 Team: Vineyard Vixens Where do you work? I’m an office clerk at an engineering firm and a retail supervisor. How does your job affect your derby career? Allows me the time off to play! What are your hobbys outside of derby? Derby

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Featured Skater: Clarice the SilenceHer

Featured Skater: Clarice the SilenceHer

#17 – Maids of the Fist

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Featured Skater – Tennessee Frisky

Featured Skater - Tennessee Frisky

#728 – Dalhousie Destroyers

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Featured Skater – Knotty Knitcole

Featured Skater - Knotty Knitcole

#9966 – Seaway Sirens

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