Featured Skater – Jenna Jammerson

Featured Skater - Jenna Jammerson

May’s skater of the month is a First Generation NRG skater and former Maid of The Fist. Her big…..(rhymes with) HITS are what she is known for on the track, but her unconditional love and support of her derby sisters (as well as making us all mouthguards!)  is why everyone adores

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Featured Official – Milfhouse

Featured Official - Milfhouse

The Niagara Roller Girls couldn’t do what we do without our Officials Squad.  We have big love for the Captain of Team No Fun aka The Herd aka The Zeebs aka our HEAD REFEREE… MILFHOUSE! A major contributer to our successful game season is the hard work and

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Featured Skater – DC

Featured Skater - DC

March’s skater of the month is an OG Skater and former Seaway Siren, DC! Her mad skills and fun tricks never fail to impress us at practice.  Shes so hard core, she’ll hold a plank for 5 minutes while the rest of us take a water break!

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Featured Skater – MassonKill

Featured Skater - MassonKill

February’s Featured Skater recently won one of the most prestigious awards at the 2015 Rollies!  Massonkill earned herself the Most Improved Skater award this past month. Her hard work and desire to improve her skills over the past 2 seasons haven’t gone unnoticed.  Spearheading the amazing ParyPlanningCommittee, our party decorations

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Featured Skaters: Mother/Daughter Edition! – Tan&Bomb and KickAsh

Featured Skaters: Mother/Daughter Edition! - Tan&Bomb and KickAsh

The Niagara Roller Girls are all about family! Our derby sisters, wives, husbands and kids are a huge part of our league.  To welcome in the New Year, our Skater of the Month is one of many mother/daughter skating families….KickAsh of the Midway Mayhem and Tan&Bomb of the

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Featured Skater – Taboma

Featured Skater - Taboma

Your December skater of the month is one of the most dedicated and hard working league members rolling.  Taboma has worked her butt (quite literally) off for 4 years with NRG!  This year she lead one of the most successful Freshmeat intakes in NRG history, with our

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Featured Skater – Necromatrix

Featured Skater - Necromatrix

Our November Skater of the Month is The Rink Rash Rebels Assistant Captain ….Necromatrix!  Necro’s speed and fancy footwork keeps her ahead of the pack on the track and during Zombie apocalypse! Season 2 for the Necro has been amazing!  Not only have her skills sky rocketed

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Featured Skater – Lippy Loo

Featured Skater - Lippy Loo

As we kick off our fall season, it only makes sense to feature a skater who has worked her buns off this year to make this league as successful as it has been throughout these past few months. Meet one of NRG’s hard working trainers, a stoic but

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Featured Junior Skater – Kassassin

Featured Junior Skater - Kassassin

Our featured skater for the month of August is also our first Junior featured skater! Nominated by her teammates, we’d love to introduce to you to KASSASSIN! An integral part of the Midway Mayhem team, Kass has gone from wobbly freshie to, with endless determination, a force to be

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Featured Skater – Stompkins

Featured Skater - Stompkins

July’s skater of the month is one of the most beloved skaters on our league, and it’s only her second season! Stompkins was the recipient of our Rollergirl of the Year Award in 2014, and boy did she deserve it. Always willing to lend a hand, an ear,

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