Featured Skater – NucLeah

Featured Skater - NucLeah

April brings us another Featured Skater. She may be little, she is mighty. NucLeah has been a member of our Junior Team for 2 years.  Congratulations NucLeah, we are so proud of you. Photo: Courtesy of Darren Stehr Derby Name: NucLeah Number: 17 Team: Midway Mayhem Where

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Featured Skater – Loud N Clear

Featured Skater - Loud N Clear

Our March Featured Skater is non-other than Loud N Clear. She has skills you can’t even imagine. It would surprise you to know that Loud N Clear is the oldest of our members. She is as spry as a 21-year-old and will still teach you a lesson

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Featured Skater – KELTRON

Featured Skater - KELTRON

We are pleased to announce our Featured Skater for February. To meet her is to love her. Her infectious smile, to her energy, to her incredible love for the sport of Roller Derby, Keltron is the embodiment of the Roller Derby World. She all kinds of wonderful.

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Featured Skater – TAM FOOLERY

Featured Skater - TAM FOOLERY

Congratulations to our January skater of the month, Tam Foolery. She is new to derby and has shown great dedication to the sport, on and off the track.  Congratulations Tammy! Where do you work? After losing my job due to health reasons, I started focusing on my

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Featured Skater – BEATER PARKER

Featured Skater - BEATER PARKER

Let’s give a great big shout out to Beater Parker! She does have some venom in those veins, but only on the track. She joined NRG in late 2012. She was drafted as a Vineyard Vixen and surprised us all with her skill, and wonderful disposition. We

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Featured Skater – BOOBS LEGSLEY

Featured Skater - BOOBS LEGSLEY

Our Featured Skater is a Doomsday Darling, GreenBelt Riot, Membership Chair, and a BIRTHDAY GIRL!  A couple of years ago from a far away place called Temiskaming….you know that is over 600 kilometers away……a woman took us by storm. She is a mighty terror on the track and breaking hearts off.

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Featured Skater – MAC ATTACK

Featured Skater - MAC ATTACK

October’s Skater of the Month will not come as a surprise.  He is supportive, smart, and a really cool human being. Talented in many ways……he is the MAC ATTACK!  Another member of Team Zebra. He needs no big introduction because his name says it all. Congratulations Mac,

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Yard Sale Fundraiser

Yard Sale Fundraiser

  The Niagara Roller Girls invites you to join the fun on September 25th with a Yard Sale! Come on down to check out all the goods and treasures you may find! Have anything laying around the house you don’t want or need to get rid of?

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Featured Skater – DC

Featured Skater - DC

March’s skater of the month is an OG Skater and former Seaway Siren, DC! Her mad skills and fun tricks never fail to impress us at practice.  Shes so hard core, she’ll hold a plank for 5 minutes while the rest of us take a water break!

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Featured Skater – Necromatrix

Featured Skater - Necromatrix

Our November Skater of the Month is The Rink Rash Rebels Assistant Captain ….Necromatrix!  Necro’s speed and fancy footwork keeps her ahead of the pack on the track and during Zombie apocalypse! Season 2 for the Necro has been amazing!  Not only have her skills sky rocketed

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