July’s skater of the month is new to NRG but definitely not new to derby. Wrecker spent the first half of her derby career wrecking hearts and jammers in The Hammer. We are getting better and better since she’s joined training and has helped elevate The Greenbelt Riot to be a team to beat!

Derby Name: Homewreckin Holly
Number: 187
Team: Doomsday Darlings, Greenbelt Riot

Where do you work?
I work at Arcelor Mittle Dofasco
How does your job affect your derby career?
It really doesn’t as I have a pretty cake office job, however I’m also a full time mom to 3 tiny humans that require a lot of time! My daughter has special needs so life can get busy with appointments/therapy/and specialist.
What are your hobbies outside of derby?
There’s things outside of derby?? Jk… I play softball but that’s it.
How do your hobbies affect your derby career?
It’s only conflicting when we have tournaments, luckily it’s a beer league so generally we don’t have to many! Here’s where I do a team drop ” what’s up One Bad Inning”??!!??
What’s your derby name?
Homewrecken Holly but people mostly call me Wrecker so I’ve started just skating with that on my jersey.
What’s the story behind it?
There really isn’t one, I wanted another name and it was taken, so I thought of the most ah mazing name and then that was gone also… So this just stuck… My number tho is the international police code for homicide, growing up when pagers were cool my cousin would page me with it to let me know it was her so it kinda worked out both ways.
Why roller derby?
Is this even a question? Why not? Roller derby is the only place where you can just be who you are,all the time, with no judgements or backlash. It’s like a giant puzzle with all the skaters as pieces, individually were just kinda us, but together we all fit and make up the most amazing picture of a great team/league! Plus being competitive and getting to hit people after a bad day just kinda makes my world seem brighter 🙂
What would you be doing right now if you weren’t involved with roller derby?
Ummmm I’m not sure, I’ve thought about this a lot as we can’t play derby forever and I still don’t have any clue!
What’s your favorite part of the derby experience?
Hitting somebody and just rocking them, and after the jam they get up, smile and tell you how wicked it was!
What positions do you play?
I’m a Line Boss/pivot, occasionally I end up with a star on my helmet and this moment of sheer panic happens bc it’s not mid jam, I make it happen tho! I’m a Blammer (blocker who jams)
How do you hone your derby skills?
Practice, jam skating with my buddy Blockamole. I’m a part of the training committee so on nights I’m not running practice I use them to challenge myself as best I can.
What’s your favorite pre practice meal or snack?
Water!?! I’ve been offered purse steak but I’ve learned eating before a bout is just not my thing.
Who is your biggest fan?
I’d like to say my daughter, but she loves Necro and I can’t compete lol, probably my partner. He has taken an interest in the sport since we met and we’ve even convinced him to become our Travel Team branch coach, he’s really picked up a lot and learned the game quickly! Also Ma Dukes, she proudly wears her Momma Wrecker shirt at bouts.
Who is your hero?
In derby Suzy Hotrod! Met her once, literally just drooled in my mouth… Lol
Most memorable derby moment?
I don’t think it’s a moment because it’s still happening, but watching the progression of the Travel Team (Riot) just to see how far these ladies have come in such a short time since I started coaching them is truly amazing!
Pre bout rituals?
I mostly try not to vomit, that’s a good one! Ohhh and make sure my knee brace is in the car!!
What is your Athletic background?
I don’t really have one, I never played any sports till Derby but I’ve always roller skated growing up.
What is your advice for somebody interested in playing derby?
Do it! Jump in with both skates (see what I did there) honestly it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever done on wheels, and if playing isn’t for you then there is a loving family of pink shirts (NSO’S) that we all loved need!
Who do you wanna give a shout out to?
All my haters…. Jk! Everybody in Niagara who opened there arms and excepted me into this beautiful place! It’s not the easiest to come into a new league but it’s always felt like home to me <3
Cupcakes, Betsey Johnson, anything pink and shiny!! Dislikes… Cotton balls, doughnuts with not enough filling, and bees! I hate bees!! All of the bees!
Derby wife?
Well I had one but she moved to Spain, so I’m on the market 😉