The Niagara Roller Girls are all about family! Our derby sisters, wives, husbands and kids are a huge part of our league.  To welcome in the New Year, our Skater of the Month is one of many mother/daughter skating families….KickAsh of the Midway Mayhem and Tan&Bomb of the Sisters of Anarchy! You’ll find this wonderful family volunteering at nearly every community service event in which NRG participates. From sleeping in their car to wrapping Christmas presents, this artsy-craftsy pair sets the bar high for league and community involvement.  Big derby family love to you both!

Derby Name: Tan&Bomb
Number: 1225
Team: Sisters of Anarchy

What are your hobbies outside of derby?
Steel drums, dance mom, photography, sewing

What is your derby name? What’s the story behind it?
Christmas theme, Tan&Bomb like the song, and 1225 for the date.  Kick Ash came up with it and went along.

Why roller derby?
I was looking for something fun to keep fit year round, and was drawn by the community involvement.  (And an excuse to buy more socks & crazy shorts!)

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t involved with derby?
Probably rec rowing with Loveman crew and volunteering somewhere.

What’s your favorite part of the derby experience?
Pushing yourself to do your personal best, doing something that scares you a little, and helping local non-profit groups.

What position do you play?
Blocker. I respect all who have super jammer powers!

How do you hone your Derby Skills?
Watch other skaters and YouTube videos that break skills down, and go to all the family skates to get more time on my wheels.

What’s your favourite pre-practice meal or snack?
Cereal before & after practice, pretty sure I would die without it.

Who is your Biggest Fan(s)?
The whole family!  Especially Ethan, my little nephew who is pretty awesome on quads too. He’ll make a fantastic zebra one day! My dad is also a big fan of everything NRG, buys all the swag for the entire family – eventually we’ll look like the Royal Tenenbaums with matching tracksuits! (make that Royal Tan&Bombs)

What is your favourite thing about roller derby?
ALL of the above!

Most Memorable Derby Moment?
Being ‘homeless’ & sleeping in our cars for YWCA’s No Fixed Address – then running the next morning to the blood drive with everyone.  Also, Junior Con in Indiana with Bust E Knuckles & Kaotic Kass – fun times! Derby every day, everywhere!

Advice to Someone Interested in Playing?
Get the gear, head out to the family skates for a head start, and sign up for the next fresh meat!

Who do you want to give a SHOUT-OUT to?
Our everyday heroes… like Frisky & friends who volunteer every week to coach the juniors; Stompkins and her enthusiasm for absolutely everything; Suze & Doris with their positive words; our talented photographers… the list could go on forever, so many people make this league happen!

Likes: Halloween, coupons, puns, movie quotes, sloths, tattoos, Preston (our work Frenchie)

Dislikes: turkey vultures, crinkling plastic sounds, wrinkled clothes

Derby Wife?
Nah, love being with other derby moms & their girls; lots of laughs.  Derby widow? Yep, Brad tells people he’s single with 2 cats. You’ll find him trackside still…

What’s the best part of having your daughter play derby too?
“I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom.” –haha. Sure makes scheduling easier. Bonus: we have the same cheer squad at bouts!

Would you rather play on a team with your daughter against her?
Hmm, tough call, I always joke about retiring because anything I can do she can do better. She likes hitting me, so maybe against her might add to the fun.

What do you admire most about your daughter?
She lives up to her derby name ‘Kick Ash’, she is a natural at almost anything she tries, music, Irish dance, art, but derby has become her #1.  Excited for her derby years ahead!

Derby Name:  KickAsh
Number: 711
Team: Midway Mayhem

What are your hobbies/skills outside of derby?
Music (trumpet, violin, percussion, steel drum) & Irish dance

What is your derby name & number? What’s the story behind it?
Kick Ash – double play on the movie and Irish dance; 7-11 like the store of course

Why do you like roller derby?
I like roller derby because you can talk to anyone and be a part of a group where no one judges you.

What position do you enjoy playing?
I love being a pivot because I get to block the jammer on the opposing team by telling my team where the jammer is going and how we can stop her.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned in derby so far?
Not to worry about winning, but to worry about making yourself a better player.

Who is your Biggest Fan(s)?
My 3 awesome little cousins: Ethan, Ava, and Amy who always attend Midway’s games and cheer us on (even if we don’t win!)

Advice to Someone Interested in Playing?
If you want to join the first thing you need to do before putting on skates is talk to the Midway team! Every player is pretty awesome and talkative, so we can answer any questions you have!

Who do you want to give a SHOUT-OUT to?
I would like to give a shout-out to Sally, our first Midway coach who taught us the rules and how to have fun!

What do you see yourself doing in the future?
I’d like to be a photojournalist or a forensic photographer… I am definitely going to continue with derby!

Likes: classic rock, sketching, sour candy

Dislikes: Justin Bieber, pierogies

What’s the best part of having your mother play derby too?
The best part of having my mom play derby is that we can teach each other things we learn at our practices.

Would you rather play on a team with your mother or against her?
I would prefer to play against my mom because practising with her is fun, but using the skills we practiced against each other would be even more fun!