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Featured Skater – Taboma

Your December skater of the month is one of the most dedicated and hard working league members rolling.  Taboma has worked her butt (quite literally) off for 4 years with NRG!  This year she lead one of the most successful Freshmeat intakes in NRG history, with our league continuing to grow for the better because of […]


Your December skater of the month is one of the most dedicated and hard working league members rolling.  Taboma has worked her butt (quite literally) off for 4 years with NRG!  This year she lead one of the most successful Freshmeat intakes in NRG history, with our league continuing to grow for the better because of her hard work.  She has also taken on a huge role of conducting NSO training with our head NSO Pinkie Ry, keeping us staffed and caught up on stats!  We love her dedication to the sport and the league, jumping on every opportunity to skate and participating in nearly open scrimmage available to us. Over the years, Taboma has become a force to be reckoned with on the track and an irreplaceable member of our league. ALSO…we’re super stoked for her guest training session tonight at practice. Get it girl!

Derby Name: Taboma
Number: 3
Team: Sisters of Anarchy

What are your hobbies outside of derby?
I’m a bit of a homebody – I knit, play videogames, look to cook, take online courses and really just hang out with friends.

How do your outside skills/hobbies affect your derby career?
They balance it out. Derby is fun, wild and exciting. I use my other hobbies on my down time to just chill.

What is your derby name?

What’s the story behind it?
My dad when I was younger used the word taboma regarding something that had frustrated him. When I asked him about it he told me that whenever people or life get me down or angry to smile sweetly and say taboma, and walk away. It wasn’t until I was older that he fully explained it. I’ve also not shared it with others until now. My name is an acronym for Take A Bite Of My A** – lol So there ya go everyone who has asked me and I’ve never answered them.

What’s your number?

Is there a story to go with your number?
I’m mum to two boys. My 18 year old started playing soccer when he was little and his number was 3 and he kept it as his number until he was a teen. When he started playing ball hockey he wore 3 there as well. When my 14 year old was younger he played a year of soccer and a year of t-ball and he wore the number 3 as well. So it just seemed fitting that when mum started roller derby that I should play as number 3 as well. Also helps that it’s one of my favourite numbers.

Why roller derby?
Easiest answer to this question is Why Not? It’s great exercise. It’s inclusive. It’s fun. It’s challenging.

What would you be doing right now if you weren’t involved with derby?
You hear a lot of derby girls say that derby saved their souls and or saved their lives. In my case it helped me save my life. I was in poor health just before I learned of the league starting in Niagara. I was well over 250 pounds, having days where I could not get out of bed because of being in so much pain, and would at times have to use a cane when walking. I started skating (not well), got a doctor that was helping me and I fell in love with derby as I started getting stronger and healthier. So I don’t want to think where I would be or what I would be doing if I weren’t involved with derby.

How did you get interested in derby?
I had taken a trip to Reno NV where my boyfriend at the time and I went to go see the Reno Rollergirls play a banked track roller derby game. He leaned over about halfway through the game and said ‘I could totally see you doing this.’ I grinned and agreed. It was such a rush to watch and they looked like they were having so much fun. Came home and a couple months later heard about a league starting in Niagara for flat track.

What’s your favourite part of the derby experience?
As much as I love my derby family, I’m going to have to go with, skating. There’s something euphoric about just skating as fast as you can to the point of nearly being out of control.

What position do you play?
I generally in game settings will only play as a blocker and line boss (get to tell my team mates what to do), every so often you’ll see me take the star and when I do…it’s phenomenal to see how I can’t make it through the pack and get points….lol

How do you hone your Derby Skills?
I go to open scrimmages with other leagues, skate clinics, go to practice, watch drills and skills exercises on youtube, read articles, go to the gym and help train Freshmeat.

What’s your favourite pre-practice meal or snack?
I don’t really have a pre-practice meal or snack before practice, but I do try to stay as hydrated as I can on practice days.

Who is your Biggest Fan(s)?
Besides my derby family? I would have to say my friend Pat. As of right now I believe he’s only missed 2 of my games. He’s driven me to Kitchener for extra training. Gone with me to a few away scrimmages. Has offered up support when I get down about something I’m struggling with, like my laps for minimums. He’s also let me steal his bathtub a number of times after games or really hard practices. He even brought all of us ‘Homeless Roller Girls’ hot beverages when we were doing the No Fixed Address event where we slept in our cars for 24 hrs. And of course he likes to help us have fun at our after parties and is known to buy a round for a few of us skaters.

Who is your Derby Crush?
Fraxxure from TriCity Roller Derby and Mean Little Mama from Hamilton Area Roller Derby – One day I hope to skate half as well as these two fantastic skaters. I love watching them skate and especially when they skate against each other.

What is your favourite thing about roller derby?
The fact that roller derby is a full contact sport that is comprised of mainly women and though we will smack talk each other and hit each other really hard on the track, we come together as a community. In times of trouble we’re there for each other, when travelling we take our skates and are welcomed by other leagues to come in and skate at their practices, after our games against each other we all go out and have a cold one and celebrate each others wins.

Most Memorable Derby Moment?
Oh my… there’s so many to choose from…

I had broken my ankle and wasn’t able to play in the first season. I cheered on my team and it was our first game. My beautiful derby wife got lead jam and we were all cheering her on. We ended up losing the game but my wifey started the cheer of ‘We’re #2! We’re #2!’ with her hands in the air that became our cheer after each game that season unfortunately, but we had so much fun playing that we didn’t care that we were in 4th place at the end of the season.

Ooo… Another is when I went to Kitchener and participated in my second Co-Ed scrimmage, there was a dude there that towered over me. No lie he had to be 6 ft 5in while on his skates. Big dude.

He and I took the line, it was our first jam together. Whistle blew and we were there trying to stop the jammer, he got through though and so big dude looks at me as he skates backwards watching the jammer come around and says ‘I need you here’ and picks me up off the ground by my shoulders and places me about 2 ft from where I was.

How do ya argue with that? It was an awesome experience skating with mixed teams.

Pre-Bout Rituals?
I like to snuggle in bed for a couple of hours after waking up. Go for pho soup for late lunch. If it’s about where I’m painting my face I’ll take my time to do that. All this fairly quietly…but then… the earbuds go in and the loud thumping music starts until gearing up and track time.

Post- Bout Rituals?
Go home after the after party, sleep in until the afternoon, go for pho to help my hangover, laze around in a nice quiet house – though derby hangover doesn’t usually hit me until two days after out day.

What’s your Athletic Background?
12 years in four types of dancing, 15 years in martial arts, couple years in gymnastics, in school I played badminton, volleyball, basketball, did track & field, and was a cheerleader

Advice to Someone Interested in Playing?
Do IT! Do Eeeet! *does best Shia LaBeouf impression* JUST DO IT!!

Doesn’t matter if you think you’re too overweight or too shy or too clumsy or too weird…Do It! Derby Girls come in all shapes, all sizes, all levels of athleticism… It’s an amazing experience and you will meet some of the best people in the world, who will become part of a new family.

But…if you’re signing up – Cardio! Cardio! Cardio! And plank until you puke…well almost puke.

Who do you want to give a SHOUT-OUT to?
My son Gavyn. I thank him for his patience and support. Last season I was struggling week after week to try to make my laps. He came to a practice to give me support, I didn’t make my laps and he came out into the rink while I was sitting and wallowing for a few moments and just sat there holding my hand and hugging me. After a few minutes he leaned over and said ‘you’ll get it’.

He’s my little rock and I push myself hard at practices because of him.

Dislikes…Liars, wasting money, being ignored, cats, being interrupted, money, fake people…the list goes on…lol

Likes…Parties with friends, days at the beach, camping, dogs, honesty, the Leafs (shut it…lol), music, almost all things geeky, movies, tv…and the list goes on…lol

Derby Wife?
Yep I have one of those. We signed up together when the league first started. Her name is Suzageddon. Unfortunately she moved to California and that sucks lots. We’ve been best friends for a few years now and sometimes it’s just so hard having her so far away. When I broke my ankle she was my shoulder to cry on, she brought me bandages and got a bit grossed out by my staples…We would do teas and go grocery shopping together.

Now we do tea via Skype with a 3 hour difference, while knitting or doing paperwork. We make it work.

Have you played on any other teams?
I have I’ve played for and bench coached the Seaway Sirens. My derby name then was Raenbow Slash. The second season that they played, every game I bench coached, we won. Yeah I brag about that a little bit 🙂 The season I actually got to fully play with my skates on – we won the Champs. Yep gonna brag about that too. 😉

In all seriousness though, the Sirens were a great team and we still stay in contact and we use our own hashtag #SirensForLyfe because we’re cool like that. I’m proud of all the Sirens and the things they’ve gone on to accomplish. I hope the great team spirit follows over to the Sisters of Anarchy, and we can start at the bottom and raise to the top through team bonding and strength.